7 Awesome Office Dogs

Wait until the Canine League hears about this. (Source) 


Offices can be stressful places. With deadlines to meet, targets to achieve and pie charts to navigate, it can all get a bit much for some people. Have you ever tried to change the bottle on the water cooler by yourself?  

It would have even the most temperate of Buddhists reaching for the Valium. Dogs, on the other hand, are as happy-go-lucky as they come. Bounding around fields, catching sticks and munching old bones is about as hectic as it gets for old Fido. So, adhering to the laws of Yin and Yang, why not put the two together? 



I’ve closed down iTunes, but it still won’t open… (Source) 


The office dog is a new phenomenon that is said to alleviate stress at its core and create a more relaxed and efficient environment in which to work.  

Having a golden Lab pad round the office looking for doggy treats is probably just enough to take the edge off a Monday morning, and will be the centre of attention at the end of the week when that Friday feeling finally kicks in. So, here, then, is a list of some of our favourite office dogs. 


7. An Aviary of pooches 

William at Aviary. William is not really Mexican… he does smoke a pipe though. (Source) 


Mobile and Web editing app company Aviary have an extremely dog-friendly attitude. With every member of their business development team owning a dog, it seemed only right to allow them to occupy the office space as well as the home space.  

According to the Aviary website, William enjoys “Being fawned over by everyone for doing irresistible things like blinking and looking cute.”  

We wonder if they know how to use Photoshop. 



6. A dog’s life on Mars 

Less scratching; more typing. Slacker. Source 


Oh, how sweet it must be to work at a chocolate factory. Unfortunately, as this picture quite clearly demonstrates, it’s not all Oompa Loompa’s, everlasting gobstoppers and obese German children getting lodged in pipes.  

Despite this huge let down, at least this little chap has his own basket. 



5. A real search dog 

This is Yoshka, and it is not without irony that she has lost her bone. (Source) 


Google has become synonymous with forward-thinking ideas on the Web. It comes as no surprise, then, that they have a company dog policy which allows placid and house-trained canines to roam the halls of its office, the Googleplex.  

Unfortunately, cats are not as welcomed… Google is simply a dog company. Never mind moggy. 



4. Patriotism and pedigree 

I’m actually half-French on my mother’s side. ZOOT ALORRS! See. (Source) 


Surely the best environment for a dog is a park full of happy children. Luckily for Jonty, Hazelwood parks is exactly that kind of environment, and when he’s not helping around the office, he’s sporting a rather fetching little jumper… which looks very uncomfortable.  

Even so, he seems to like it, and that’s the most important thing. 


No skinny dipping! (Source) 



3. Dog Blog 

I’m an office dog; don’t expect any heavy lifting out of me. (Source) 


Having an office dog is a great way to boost staff morale but, to be slightly cold hearted, they are a waste of space when it comes down to the crunch.  

Have you ever seen a dog use a photocopier?  

Can a golden retriever deliver the mail without ripping it all to shreds?  

No, no they cannot. So, it came as a shock to us when we discovered Porter, an office dog who writes and maintains the Atholl Estates blog for them.  

I can only imagine they have a remarkable amount of trust in his abilities – we’d be worried that he’d spend all his time writing about chasing cars and dreading bath night.  


Mmm – shares in squeaky toys are on the rise… interesting… (Source) 



2. It’s ruff at the top 

Six years at Virginia Tech for this? (Source) 


We’ve seen some fairly forward-thinking companies so far – you’d have to be to allow a selection of man’s best friends running around the place, spoiling the carpets and not washing coffee mugs.  

They all pale in comparison, however, when compared to Web-based videogame producer Zynga, who have installed a dog run at the top of their office. The company’s policy is that they will produce better games if their employees are having fun.  

For some reason, this involves letting their dogs go nuts in a neon pooch paradise.  



Should we not be working? (Source) 



 2. A picture is worth a thousand woofs


This hat frustrates me. Oh, I’m a fan of the Yankees; just not really a hat person… because I’m a dog. (Source)


 People like dogs; people like photographs; people love photographs with dogs in them. Tumblr has an office dog called Tommy. I think you can see where this is going. Yes, Tommy is an 11-year-old Pomeranian who works at the Tumblr office.

 He is very cute and has his own Tumblr account, which is immensely popular.


Yes, this image is real. This actually happened, and it was awesome. More important, though – is that a beer keg I see? (Source)


 So, there we have it; some happy employees and some satisfied-looking hounds. When we compiled this list, it struck us as as odd that it only seemed to be dogs that were allowed to enter the work place.

 An animal that barks, slobbers and needs constant attention does not seem like the best animal to have around a load of stressed out office monkeys. Surely the cat would have been a much better choice.

 We were proved wrong with one picture.


Why do laptops get warm if not for this exact purpose? (Source)