Allergies and small furry pets

Some of the easiest pets to take care of and that have become very popular for children are rabbits, rodents, ferrets and other small furry creatures. These pets are popular as they are inexpensive, easy to take care of, they don't annoy other people and they are usually allowed in places where cats and dogs many times aren't such as in apartment complexes etc. Well, believe it or not, although these pets are usually kept in cages, they can still be allergenic and it can spread through their urine, saliva, and dander. The quantity of allergens these can spread varies depending on their size, how many pets there are within your home, how often their cages and bedding is moved around, how much they are handled, and if they are allowed to run about freely in the house. It's not uncommon also for children's classrooms to have mice, rabbits etc as pets therefore permeating the classroom with allergens as well.

Make sure to pay special care when cleaning out the cages of your little furry fellow pet. Studies have shown that the urine from mice, hamsters, rats, ferrets, chinchillas, guinea pigs etc have allergens that can set off allergic reactions. It seems that the proteins within their urine, especially in the case of the males, are the main cause of allergies in rodents. Veterinarians and scientists etc have documented high levels of urine allergens in rodents. If there are mites living in the feces and in the cage linings it can worsen the problem, especially when it is time to change or clean out the cage.

Rabbits have become very popular within the past few years. They are very intelligent animals and can even be trained to do certain things such as use a litter box etc. However, just like cats, rabbits lick their fur in order to groom and each lick of their tongues leaves saliva on their fur, which then dries, flakes off, and becomes a source of airborne allergens. Unfortunately the allergens and dander these produce can cause significant problems within the home.

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