Allergy cleansing solutions

If you are not able to bathe your cat or dog because of allergies, or simply because your pet is too much of a rascal at bath times and you have decided to leave the bathing up to the professionals, you may want to consider using allergy cleansing lotions in between bath sessions to clean your pet. Allergy cleansing solutions have their advantages for people that suffer from allergies as they help to reduce the allergic reactions in humans. You can use some pet allergy solutions once a week. To apply a pet allergy solution, you can simply use a damp washcloth. If you have a large pet, place a towel on a table and wipe. If your pet is smaller, you can place the towel over your legs and place your pet on top of the towel. This will avoid you from getting wet and it will avoid hair allergens from getting all over your clothing. Start by dampening the washcloth and wipe your pet lightly from the skin outwards. You can start by the lay of the hair and then with it until you have managed to dampen all the areas. Remember, you are just dampening it, not wetting it. This works very effectively in removing dried saliva, dander and urine from the hair. It's very important to focus on the areas your pet likes to lick such as its stomach area and genitals. These are areas that usually accumulate a lot of dry urine. The wonderful thing about these pet allergy solutions is that you do not need to rinse them off. When you have finished, simply dry the pet's hair with a fresh towel or a hair dryer (on low). Wash all the towels immediately afterwards if possible.

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