Bathing rodents

If your rodent begins to smell bad or has excrement caked to its hair or backside then and only then should you bathe it. It is possible to purchase "instant" shampoos made especially for rodents. These products are simply wiped on and then off and while leaving your rodent clean and fresh smelling do away with the need to give it a conventional bath.

If you choose to give your rodent a conventional bath then there are shampoos formulated for kittens that usually are mild enough to be used on rodents. Fill a sink or tub with warm water and then add the shampoo directly into it. Place your rodent in the water and gently wash while pouring small amounts of water over it. Rinse your rodent's coat thoroughly and then blot dry. Keep your rodent in a warm dry place until its coat has completely dried.
Always wash your hands and arms immediately after handling or touching your rodent.

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