Bathing your ferret

Ferrets usually only need about two or three baths a month, more than that is not necessary and not recommended because it can cause the ferrets skin and hair to dry out. Over bathing will just cause the ferrets skin to produce more oils to replace what it has lost and it might smell pretty strong for the next few days. However, there are products and special ferret shampoos that can get rid of the musky odors as well as clean the hair. It's suggested to neuter or spay your ferret so as to reduce the amount of grease its skin produces.

To bathe your ferret, make sure to find a room that is warm and draft free. You can bathe your ferret in a sink or a small plastic container. Fill the plastic container with about two or three inches of warm water before putting your ferret inside. Add a little bit of shampoo into the water and stir it around with your fingers to make it lather. Hold the ferret gently but securely and put it in the water. Start by shampooing its head and work down to the tail. Once this is done, make sure to rinse it thoroughly to get all the shampoo off of it. Then, blot with a towel and keep it inside the room until it is completely dry. Wash your hands immediately after finishing.

There are specially formulated products that are allergy relief solutions for pets. These are great to use because they control the dander and urinary gland secretions. You can use these products on your ferret once a week. Simply dampen a clean washcloth with the product and rub it on your ferret's fur back and forth (towards and against the hair). These products do not have to be rinsed off, just allow it to dry when done.

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