Cat and dog bathing

If you have problems with allergies, keeping your cat or dog's hair clean will help to reduce sensitivities. This can be done by wiping your pet's hair with special cleaning solutions once a week. Ask your veterinarian to recommend and suggest a special cleansing solution that will not hurt your specific cat or dog's coat.

In the case of some dogs, bathing is not ideal on a weekly basis as it can affect the dog's coat but bathing regularly helps to reduce the amount of allergens the pet may have. If you are not sure on how often you should bathe your dog or cat, ask your veterinarian. This will ensure both you and your pet's comfort. Remember that pets that have been trained to get bathed and groomed from a very early age usually enjoy the process. Most dogs don't have a problem with bathing, whereas in the case of cats this can be a little different. There are cats that simply do not put up with the whole bathing experience so in these cases wiping their coats with a pet allergy solution may work better for you.

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