Cleaning your rabbit's hair

Unlike other animals rabbits should not get bathed in water. Bathing them can be very traumatic for them. As a matter a fact bathing in water will only be necessary if it get fleas or has gotten soiled from fecal matter. If you do need to bathe your rabbit make sure you use warm water and dry it with a towel or hair dryer as soon as possible. You can clean its fur by using a washcloth and warm water. Spot clean all the dirty areas first.

There are cleaning solutions for rabbits that work well and you should clean them once a week to get rid of the saliva, dander and urine that accumulates on their fur. Check with your veterinarian to see which cleansing solution is the most appropriate. After you have finished "bathing" your rabbit make sure to dry it off and keep it in a draft free area until it is completely dry (you can also use a hairdryer if the rabbit does not get scared by it).

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