How to Keep Closets Allergy Free

  • The closets in your bedroom should be kept completely free of dust.
  • Most people have a tendency to store and accumulate things throughout the years. In the case of allergic people the best thing is to downsize as much as possible. Avoid keeping books, clothing and items in the closet. Empty out your closet and only keep the things that you are going to use. Donate the good items to charity and throw away the unnecessary things.
  • Your closet should only consist of clothing that can be washed. If you have clothes that need to be dry-cleaned keep them inside zippered plastic garment bags. Furs and out of season clothing should be kept elsewhere. Don't leave them in your closet because they will cause problems every time you open up your closet.
  • Mothballs and or moth crystals should not be used.
  • Shoes should be stored on racks, in boxes, or in hanging bags lifted off of the ground.
  • Selves, storage boxes, and floors should be constantly checked to see if there is any mold or mildew growing, and obviously taken care of if there is.
  • Nothing other than clothes and usable items should be stored in your closet. Avoid putting suitcases, luggage, cleaning chemicals or appliances in the closets.
  • Always keep the closet door closed.
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