Dealing with household infestations

If your dog or cat has fleas you must not only treat it but also everything it has come into contact with if you are to avoid it simply becoming reinfested once the treatment regimen has ended. All pet bedding must be carefully washed in hot soapy water but any bedding that is extremely infested should simply be replaced.

Meticulously vacuum all furniture, carpets, floors, cracks and crannies as well as all of your pet's haunts or favorite locations. Immediately get rid of the vacuum bag to avoid it becoming a hatchery for new adult fleas. In the event that you cannot throw away the bag then you must put some flea powder into it so as to kill any emerging fleas.

Steam cleaning carpets and floors can help to rid your house of any eggs or larvae that you might have missed with the vacuum cleaner. Even after having washed all your pet's bedding, steam cleaned and vacuumed your house and given your pet its flea treatment, it is possible for you to still have a problem that can only be dealt with by professional pest control specialists. Your veterinarian should be able to recommend some local companies or you can always look in your local phone book. These professionals can also help you to choose what the best types of insecticides are to use in your area whether inside the house or outside in the yard.

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