Dehumidifiers & Allergies

Dehumidifiers are an absolute must for people who suffer a lot from allergies and who are more sensitive than normal. Dehumidifiers help to reduce the dust mite population inside a home and one of the best and most important places to put one is in your bedroom. Some of the most favorite places for dust mites to accumulate in are humid places so lowering the humidity in your home will reduce this problem a lot. Another great thing about dehumidifiers is that they reduce mildew odors as well. Remember to clean out your dehumidifier frequently so that it does not get full of mold.

Other irritants: There are several things that can cause allergies and some of them unfortunately are things that many people commonly use around their homes such as perfumes, air fresheners, aerosol sprays, chemical, smoke (that's right, smoking causes allergies), paints etc. If you suffer from allergies you should try to stay away from these as much as possible. Plants can also bring about problems for allergy sufferers because they can contain mold spores and pollen. If you are a plant lover and want them in your home, just make sure to constantly remove any dead leaves so that they don't stay in the pot and remember to not over water the plants because this will also conduce to mold growth. Another great way to prevent mold spores from floating around in the air is to cover the surface of the soil with bark chips or decorative stones, another plus to this is that it will discourage your pet from using the plant pot as a litter box.

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