Dispensing of water and food

When getting a feeder for your rabbit it's best to get a screened bottom one that will allow the fine dust from the food to fall through instead of building up. Rabbits eat a variety of different foods most of which are commercial pellets that can be found at pet stores. Rabbits also enjoy eating vegetables and greens. There are special stoneware crocks that can't be turned over and which work really well for feeding the rabbit vegetables and greens. For the pellet food you can look into getting self-feeders, which are convenient because they can be filled from the outside of the cage (they clip onto the wall of the cage). Make sure to place your rabbit's feeding dish away from the litter box area. This is very important because you want to avoid it from soiling and wetting in its dishes. At mealtimes feed the rabbit only the amount of food it will eat before the next feeding time. It's also important to pay special attention to the water you give the rabbit as it can become contaminated very quickly, so make sure you change it as often as needed.

Rabbits like chewing on things and they need roughage in their diets. There are good quality legumes and oat hay that rabbits love which also additionally helps them to digest their food well. Some rabbit owners and pets stores put small bags with packed with hay and attach them to the inside of the cage and it prevents the food from becoming dirty or contaminated before eating. If you choose to do this, make sure you only put enough hay to last until the next day and store the rest of the hay in a sealed container outside of the house preferably.

The only problem with hay is that it tends to accumulate dust and pollen and can cause allergies. To prevent this from becoming a problem, mist the hay with a little bit of water to help decrease the dust. Most importantly make sure you keep the rabbit's hay container, hopper, and dishes etc clean. You can wash these accessories with warm sudsy water, just make sure you rinse them thoroughly afterwards. People that have allergy problems should wear gloves and protective masks while doing this job.

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