Dry urine carpet stains

You might want to consider getting an extractor or wet vacuum to take care of those heavy nasty stains. Don't use steam cleaners because in many cases all they do is smear the stain and odor by uniting the urine proteins straight into your carpet fabrics. When cleaning up these messes make sure to wear gloves and a protective mask. After you have finished cleaning up the stain use an enzymatic pet stain and odor remover. It's possible you will have to do this several times to get out tough stains and odors.

If the urine stain is really big, or if it has been in the fabric for a long time and there is an allergic person within the family, you may want to consider either getting rid of that carpet or getting the advice of professional carpet cleaners.

Dogs and cats often times return to the place they urinating in and continue doing their needs in those specific spots, and in some cases even after the owner has cleaned and deodorized the spot. One very effective way of preventing this from happening is by changing the behavior of the animal. You can achieve this by placing the dog or cat's bedding or feeding bowl in that spot (this is recommended only for extreme cases because dogs and cats don't normally soil their eating and sleeping areas.) This should work right away.

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