Food and water for birds

Place your bird's food and water containers away from their perches to avoid them from coming contaminated with droppings. There are special water and food containers that have clamps on them and which attach to the cage. Birds tend to make a mess when eating and you will need to pick up all the leftover seeds or food. Wash and rinse their containers daily and make sure to dry them out thoroughly before putting food back in them.

Bird grooming and care: Most birds like to keep themselves clean and groomed. Most of them preen and clean their feathers several times a day by pulling on them through their bills. Birds are able to reach almost all the parts of their bodies in order to groom themselves except their heads, throats and napes. Besides cleaning themselves birds also spread oil from their preening gland (which is located on the base of their tail) onto their feathers to help lubricate them and protect them.

You will be able to notice if your bird is healthy by seeing how much time it spends preening itself. After preening a bird will lift it's feathers and shake them vigorously to put its feathers back into place. This natural action though can cause problems to allergy sufferers because they let off a lot of feather dust into the air and environment, especially in the case of powder down feather birds. Powder down feather birds produce a lot of amounts of dust because their feather tips crumble into a fine white powder which very quickly spreads around into the environment.

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