Allergy Reducing Devices

HEPA purifiers
HEPA purifiers have proven to be a great help in purifying the air. Pet allergens, especially fel 1 are invisible to the human eye and they float around the air so investing on a HEPA cleaner can be a real help. The ideal place to put a HEPA purifier is in your bedroom and in the places your dear pet likes to hang out in.

Dusting the dust
The word dust probably makes all allergy sufferers cringe especially if they have suffered the effects one speck of dust can do. Dust is actually a combination of many different substances within the home environment. One speck of dust can contain all kinds of things such as bacteria, feathers, insect particles, dust mite waste, skin scales, hair, dander, pollen, lint, dried food bits etc, all of which can be allergenic and cause a tremendous amount of discomfort. One of the best ways of getting rid of dust is by using a damp cloth or an electrostatic cleaning cloth because they do hold in the dust without stirring it up all over the place. Use these items to dust your home frequently (at least once a week, or as much as necessary). Make sure to dust on top of all the furniture as well as underneath.

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