Horse allergies

Although horses do not live indoors, they are still very allergenic animals. These allergens are caused mainly by their urine and dander. Horses also have a tendency to sweat a lot and this is why they smell so strongly. This sweat tends to worsen allergies. Sweating is something that helps the horse to decrease its body temperature when the weather is hot. This sweating reduces when the weather is colder. It is not fully understood yet why some people are so sensitive to horses, however, pretty much everything associated with horses and their environment can bring on allergic reactions such as hay, oats, grass, etc. all of which are prospective allergy activators. Horses usually spend most of their time inside barns and stables and often times mold spores grow in damp hay and pollens from grasses can also trigger allergies. If you have every had a horse or been around a horse you are well aware that horses really enjoy rolling around in dusty and muddy places in order to get rid of the parasites and dead hair on their bodies and they do so by shaking themselves off forcefully, and this can also bring on allergies. There are certain lanolin waxes and tanning agents used on the horses bridles and saddles that can also cause allergic reactions when they come into contact with a human's skin. It's a little difficult to pin point exactly what could cause an allergic reaction to a horse since there are so many things that it could be. It may be that a person who is allergic is reacting to the mold allergens and this does not mean that they will never be able to come into contact with a horse again.

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