House training your pet

Any dog you have must be house trained and any cat should be trained to use the kitty litter if it doesn't also go outside in the yard etc…
Urine is as we have discussed one of the prime allergens that cause the onset of the symptoms suffered by those allergic to pets. Not only are the allergens in pet urine responsible for these allergy attacks but also those who are sufferers can also have problems with their bodies immune systems overreacting to the strong and pungent odors in wet urine that only become stronger and more potent once the urine has dried either on hard surfaces or carpeted areas.

Pets that are not either house trained or litter trained will simply make matters worse for the allergy sufferer. The smell of dried urine inside of your house is not only stomach-turning but it becomes worse during wet and rainy or humid conditions. The urine from cats is the worst smelling and also causes the most stubborn stains.

Although male pet urine is the most pungent, female pet urine also contains strong sickening smelling secretions and as the pet becomes older and more mature its smell only increases. Also any pet urine that is left untreated or cleaned can soak into the floorboards or padding under carpets. And as if the previous information wasn't alarming enough in itself for all allergy sufferers there is also the feline habit of urine spraying. Urine spraying is not to be confused with normal litter use where the cat lowers its rear end and sprays urine onto a horizontal surface (whether inside the litter box or not).
When felines spray they actually forcibly eject urine onto a vertical surface while standing upright. They can spray their urine on the legs or sides of furniture, walls or any other erect surface.

The purpose for feline urine spraying is mainly as a means of territory marking and this habit occurring indoors is most often brought on through multi-cat household territory disputes. Male cats that are not fixed will upon attaining maturity become more and more possessive of their territory, which then leads to urine spraying. One of the simplest ways to avoid this problem is to have your cat neutered. If the procedure is preformed before the cat reaches sexual maturity the chances of it spraying are very minimal.

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