Important horse hygiene tips

It's important to keep your horse and everything used on your horse clean, but it is even more important in the case of people that are sensitive to allergens since horses can cause allergens big time. The best way to avoid these is by constantly vacuuming the feed bins, blankets, tack trunks etc a few times a week. Blankets, saddlebags, leg bandages etc should all be washed frequently in the washer machine. A good way to avoid mold from growing on the saddle (which happens a lot in warmer climates) is to wipe it with a dampened cloth (some people use vinegar) before conditioning the leather. If you are very allergic you might also want to consider asking your doctor about antihistamines or other medications to take before riding your horse to help prevent allergies.

Some people have found that Curly horses are easier to deal with when it comes to allergies, it is possible that because of their soft coats and curly hair they don't cause as many allergies.

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