Keeping your home allergen free

If you are sensitive to allergens the first and most important thing you need to do minimize the allergens on your pet and in your surroundings. You will need to remove as much dust, dust mite, molds and pollen from your home as possible. Although it is impossible to completely get rid of them, there are ways to allergen proof your home, and with a little extra work you will be able to decrease your exposure to them. Thankfully there are many things that can help to facilitate this job such as vacuum bags, electrostatic dusting cloths, cleaning fluid dispensers etc that make the job easier and cut off the buildup of these unwanted allergens. So don't panic, you won't have to spend 24 hours around the clock cleaning up.

As mentioned before the best option is to have someone that is not allergic do the clean up in the house, however, if this is not possible you will need to always wear a protective face mask so that you do not inhale the dust in your nose and mouth (get a face mask that covers both your nose and mouth). There are ways of avoiding allergens from accumulating in your house by using air purifiers, removing carpets (use throw rugs instead that can be washed frequently) and don't allow your pets inside your bedroom. This last point mentioned could make a big difference for you and your pet to be able to live at ease together and remain friends.

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