How to Clean Kitchen and Avoid Allergies

Because there is both food and moisture the family kitchen is one of the most favored breeding grounds having both the organic material and moisture essential to the growth of fungi.

The other equally serious problem that you will face in the kitchen is cockroaches.

  • Do a thorough cleaning both inside and out of the fridge to avoid mold growth. Be sure to clean the back of the fridge and the coils from time to time to prevent the build up of dust and hair.
  • Kitchen appliances, such as trash compressors and dishwashers need to be cleaned with a bleach solution with some frequency.
  • An exhaust fan over the stove is only beneficial if it has an outside vent that sends the rising steam and smells out of the house.
  • All garbage and trash receptacles should be emptied regularly and have borax powder sprinkled inside.
  • Continually change all the dishtowels, dishcloths and sponges to avoid allergens and bacteria from accumulating on them. Wash these items in hot water and detergent. Bleach does a good job at getting rid of the bacteria on the sponges and is suggested to use.
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