Litter boxes are allergy activators

If you have a cat it's very important to clean out its litter box regularly. Be careful of where you choose to place the cats litter box too. Avoid placing it in an area that has air ducts or areas that circulate heat or air throughout your home. You should also avoid placing cat litter boxes in main rooms or in places that people are in a lot. People that suffer from allergies can have problems with the fine dust that coarse clay litter boxes have, some of these litter boxes also have scented perfumes which can cause problems too. There are natural litter boxes such as litter pearls that might work better for you and they come in a variety of different substances such as pellets, flakes or granites. Natural litters are very absorbent and they act as a natural sponge and they could be a better option for you.

If possible have someone that is not allergic in the family to scoop the cat's litter box once a day. This is a very effective way of controlling odors. If there is nobody else in the house that can do this, make sure to wear gloves and a protective mask when scooping the litter box. Make sure to always pour the fresh litter slowly into the box to avoid it from permeating the environment and air. It's usually recommended to make a complete change of litter boxes once a month however in the case of people that are sensitive to allergies, it's recommended to do this on a weekly basis.

To effectively change the cat's litter box, make sure you scrub it in hot water and to use mild dish soap to clean it out. Rinse it carefully and let it dry outside in the sun. You can also clean it with bleach every once in a while (make sure to rinse it out very well when doing this). Do not use other strong products such as ammonia because this type of product only enhances the urine odors.

There are new self-cleaning litter boxes that are completely automatic, which do the job for you. These litter boxes have a sensor that determine that the cat has used it and automatically signal a sifting comb to rake through the box and scoop up the pooh and this is then deposited into a sealed airtight container. These innovative products can certainly make your life a lot easier and much more so in the case of people with allergies. It's pretty convenient especially for people that work and are not able to be in their homes during the day.

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