How to Keep Living room Free from Allergies

Most people with pets will know that the living room is one of the areas they love hanging out in. Cats and dogs love to curl and lay beside their owners on the couch while they are reading, watching TV, listening to music etc, so here are some suggestions on what to do about this.

  • If you can help it, avoid letting your pets lay on the couch or chairs. Pets that live inside the house or are in the house a lot tend to climb on the couches and chairs when you aren't there. One way to avoid allergens from accumulating is to encase the couches and chairs with plastic or washable coverings.
  • Big plush couches accumulate the most amounts of dust. One way to avoid this is to get simple designs because they don't attract as much dust on them.
  • Avoid having newspapers, books, decorative pillows, potted plants, heavy drapes or curtains with rough textured fabrics in the living room because they attract a lot of dust.
  • Curtains, carpets, walls and floors should be vacuumed on a regular basis.
  • Be very careful with corrosion in fireplaces and chimneys. Corrosion can be very dangerous because it can slow down the flow of exhaust gases and let fumes into the house. Air out gas fireplaces correctly to prevent any carbon monoxide from seeping into your home. Allergy sufferers may want to avoid using certain types of wood also because it can irritate allergies and cause asthma. Pinewoods are amongst the ones that release the most emissions, consider using hardwoods instead. Wood should be stored outside the house and should already be split, stacked and kept in a dry place to keep it from becoming contaminated with insects or moldy.
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