Pet shedding

Although pets are not hypoallergenic, many people do suffer from allergies because of their hair that may be contaminated with saliva, dry urine, and dander. Therefore, brushing and combing your pet is essential and even more so in the case of people that are sensitive to allergens. There are certain breeds of cats and dogs that shed a lot throughout the whole year, and brushing and combing their hair is essential especially in the case of allergy sufferers. Remember that when animals shed, they leave their hair everywhere be it the furniture, curtains, upholstery, bedding, clothing etc.

Cats and dogs usually go through their shedding process during the changing of seasons. Cats and dogs that live in unheated natural conditions, usually shed two times a year, around spring and fall. However, if your pet lives indoors, it can interfere with the animal's natural shedding cycle. For some reason it seems that when pets are exposed to more artificial light they shed more and all year round, however in spring the shedding will become more extensive.

It's important you teach your cat or dog to get groomed regularly especially so in the case of certain breeds. There are certain dog breeds, such as German Shepherds and collies that have thick coats. When these breeds' undercoats start to loosen their hair starts coming out in chunks. Obviously it is not a very pretty sight when this does happen, but the best way to handle it is by helping nature by brushing the dog regularly. You will suffer the consequences if you don't or at least your furniture and household furnishings will! There are many different types of brushes and grooming gloves you can get to help you do this job more effectively. Keep in mind also that dogs that have been taught to get groomed at a young age usually enjoy their grooming sessions and will not give you a hard time.

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