Protecting the rodent's food and water

You can find out what food is appropriate and purchase it from your local pet store but be sure to always feed them a well balance diet. Feed trays that can be attached to the rodent's enclosure or heavy ceramic food bowls are a good idea, as they can't be knocked over easily by romping rodents. It is always best to keep any hay or grass outside of the house and don't use water bowls, which can become dirtied within minutes. The best types of water dispensers for rodents are the kind that attach to the side of the rodent enclosure and are gravity filled with stainless steel sipping tubes. Daily wash feed trays and bowls and scrub out the inside of water dispensers with hot soapy water, to prevent the build up of unwanted bacteria or mold. Be sure to throw away any food or water container that have mold or other unwanted build ups and replace them with new clean ones.

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