Rabbits and litter boxes

Fortunately for those who own rabbits, their feces and droppings don't smell as strongly as cats do. Rabbits also have a tendency to do their needs in a corner of their cages and they are more then willing to use a litter box if one is provided for them. One idea is to place the litter box in a corner of the rabbit's cage and simply scoop it out everyday after it has been used. This will keep the odors down to a bare minimum. It's suggested you get a nontoxic litter box because rabbits have a tendency to chew and eat the litter. The best type of litter to get are those made out of recycled paper in pellets because they are dust free, very absorbent, and environmentally friendly. If someone in your family suffers from allergies avoid getting litter made out of aromatic soft woods or cedar shaving because they will release hydrocarbons that will aggravate allergies and can cause asthma. It's also very important to get rid of and dispose of the soiled litter right away. You should change the litter box completely and re-bed the entire cage also.

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