RAST test

If you have a rash (or eczema) already on your skin or are hyper sensitive to certain allergens and could suffer a systemic reaction (a very serious and potentially hazardous allergic reaction known as anaphylaxis) then you doctor may opt to give you a specialized blood test for allergen sensitivities rather than the skin test.

The RAST (radioallergosorbent) test simply measures the quantities of specific IgE (allergy provoked anti-body) present in your blood when a suspect allergen is introduced into the blood stream. The drawbacks to this test are, the expense, the delay in test results and the fact that it often gives false-negative results, which can cause further delay and in some cases even lead to misdiagnosis.

Test results and treatment: Once your doctor has thoroughly examined the results of your tests and gone over your medical history etc… they will be able to suggest to you the best path of action to take. This path of action should include not only how to reduce your exposure to the problematic allergens but also a prescription of medications that you can take both to help you control the symptoms and also to give you relief if you were to have a serious and debilitating allergic reaction in the future. While it is true that there is no known cure for allergies but using a combination approach to your situations it is possible to not only have a good quality of life but do so without having to give up things or pets that you love and that are part of your life.

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