Reducing bird allergens

If you own a bird it's important to know that they can produce and cause allergic reactions to humans. Make sure to always keep your bird's area and cage clean to avoid it from causing problems.

Powder down birds
Allergies from birds are caused by the powdery feather dust that is on their coats and feathers. Birds preen themselves and flutter their wings constantly and these actions cause the fine feather dust on their feathers to blow into the air and circulate around your home. There are certain birds such as parrots, cocktails, African grays etc that can cause the most problems and the powder they let off can accumulate in large amounts around the house.

It's also been observed that the droppings that birds let off can cause allergies. Birds digest their food very quickly and this means they are constantly eliminating their food. If you are not careful about cleaning out your bird's cage, it can cause big problems with mold and growth of pathogens. A dirty bird cage will not only accumulate feather dust, feathers, particles etc, but it can also bring about dust mites, mold spores, bacteria, viruses, and all kinds of nasty things that can tremendously aggravate an allergic person.

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