Rinsing your pet

After you have lathered your pets hair entirely you will need to rinse it off. Begin by rinsing the forehead first, and then spray or pour water down the neck, back, over the sides of the body to the legs and feet, and over the tail. Allow the water to spray or fall closely to the skin and rinse meticulously to get all of the shampoo, dander, urine, etc out of the hair. Continue rinsing until the water is clear. Then squeeze off the excess water from the hair. Next, wrap your pet in a clean towel and take it out of the tub.

Drying your pets hair: Use a towel to absorb all the excess water from your pet's coat after you have taken it out of the bathtub. Make sure to keep your pet in a warm non-drafty area until its hair has dried off completely. Some dogs and cats have very thick and long hair and waiting for it to dry can take awhile. In these cases you can use a hair dryer to help speed up the process, however, you need to make sure to be very careful when using a hair dryer (don't use it on high as you could hurt your poor pet!) If you have a tendency to allergies, make sure you use a protective mask while drying your pet's hair. Finally wash all the towels you used to bath your pet immediately afterwards if possible.

Allergic! Rinsing Pet Allergy Cleansing