Substances that worsen pet allergies

In most cases the problems with allergies have to do not only with pet allergens but also with other airborne non-animal sources that are within the home or environment. Because of this factor, it's important to reduce and eliminate these allergens from your environment as much as possible. Only this will help to make your life with your pet more comfortable and possible.

Perennial allergic rhinitis
Perennial allergic rhinitis, as it's name suggests is a condition that affects an allergic person all year round. This is besides the allergies a person suffers from pet allergens. Some of these allergies are caused by molds and mildew, pollen, dust mites, cockroaches, household cleaners, sprays, smoke, combustion pollutants among many other things. If you are a person that is allergic to pets it is also important to be aware of all these other allergens as they can cause even bigger problems if they are not tackled with correctly.

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