Suggestions for reducing pet allergies

Although it may be impossible to completely rid your house of pet allergens and airborne allergens, there are some ways in which you and any sensitive people in your family can be relieved by allergen proofing both your home and pets. The first step to getting rid of it is obviously by first finding the source of your allergy and of course, it also has to do with the severity of your allergy. If someone in your family has asthma or other serious allergies you will need to take more extreme and definite measures in order to control it and the measures you will take for less extreme allergies will be different and less extensive. It is possible to live with an animal or pet even when the owner is affected by allergies as long as you are prepared to go through the extra trouble of it all. There have been many people that have done a lot of research and thanks to them it has become much easier to pin point the problems and there are a lot of products available on the market, which are there to help relieve and alleviate the airborne allergens and allergies caused by our endearing pets.

Probably the first step you want to take to controlling your allergies is by decreasing the amount of exposure you get to pet allergens and or other airborne allergens that go beyond your tolerance. Avoiding and preventing them in the first place is the most logical step to start with. Probably the most important way of controlling airborne allergies is by regularly cleaning the atmosphere and by regularly grooming and cleaning your pets by making sure their cages or sleeping areas are always clean and fresh. It has been reported that simply cleaning and brushing a pet can reduce the level of allergens in the atmosphere by 80 percent. Keep in mind that your pet is not the one causing the allergies; it's the dander in its hair, its sebaceous and salivary glands, urine etc that dries onto its hair that ends up contaminating the environment and filling the air with allergens, which then set off allergic reactions.

Pets that are not well taken care of, not brushed, cleaned regularly and neglected, can cause a tremendous amount of trouble. Not taking care of this very important detail can create a very large amount of microscopic airborne allergens in the environment. It's important to point out that in the case of some pets such as cats, these airborne allergens are extremely light and will flow about freely for days on end if left unattended. Obviously when this happens, it makes it almost impossible to rid your house completely of these allergens. Therefore preventing the problem is very important. It's also very important to keep the area your pet lives in clean. If you have a bird you will want to make sure it has a big enough area to live in and that its cage is conveniently easy to clean. Make sure to not leave the urine, feces, spoiled food, dirt, etc within your pets living area unattended, as this will only cause a contamination of allergens. This will automatically turn into a breeding ground for infections and it is dangerous not only for you, but for your dear pet as well.

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