Vacuum cleaners

The normal conventional vacuum cleaners unfortunately don't always cut it when it comes to getting rid of microscopic particles. Remember that carpets tend to accumulate millions of these particles and the average filtering system of these vacuum cleaners is just not strong enough to get rid of them. And as anyone who vacuums often may have noticed, dust particles float around in the air through the exhaust outlet in the back of the cleaner, causing your efforts to be in vain. But, one solution is to use double lined, high efficiency vacuum bags that increase filtration. However, if you have a more serious allergy problem you may want to consider using special allergy vacuums that have built in HEPA filtrations systems. In all cases, vacuuming is not a job that should be done by any allergy sufferers. Make sure to stay out of a room for about forty minutes after it has been vacuumed.

Carpets, walls, floors: Carpets are allergens best friends. Carpets can accumulate allergens in tremendous amounts. Dander, dust, dust mite excreta, Fel d 1, mold, pollen, etc all engrave themselves deeply inside the fibers and deep down inside the padding underneath making them extremely difficult to get to and to remove. Don't fret though, you will still be able to have a carpet for those cold winter days but you will probably want to consider getting the ones that have low pile, short shags, or throw rugs because they can be washed very easily.

You might also want to think about getting rid of your carpets entirely and replacing them with laminate, vinyl, wood, tile or another hard flooring, especially in your bedroom. This type of flooring is recommended because it can be easily mopped every day. Make sure when mopping to mop against the dust pile and to stroke several times in each area, making overlapped movements to catch as many allergens as possible in the mop.

If you have a problem with pet odors in the house you can sprinkle pet carpet and room deodorizers over your carpet, which you will need to let sit for about fifteen minutes (make sure to do this with a face mask) and then proceed to vacuum it all up. There are also different types of treatments and cleaners that help to neutralize animal dander, dust mite, pollen and mold allergens in carpets and makes them harmless to you, your pet and your environment. If you choose to keep your carpets, make sure to have them professionally dry or steam cleaned at least once a year.

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