Where to place your birdcage

The most important factor to having a bird is to always clean out it's cage. There are many different types of birdcages and the one you pick for your bird will depend on the size of your bird. Make sure when picking out your bird's cage to get an appropriate size so that your bird can stretch it's wings out without them constantly touching the sides of the cage, and so that the bird can move about freely. Try to obtain a birdcage that is conveniently easy to clean and disinfect too.

There are birdcages that come with removable floor trays that make cleaning them a lot easier. Keep your bird or birds in a separate room so as to reduce the allergens from spreading throughout the house. The best places to keep your birds are away from direct sunlight, air drafts, fumes and odors. Remember that there is certain places that can hurt and even kill birds such as cook wear like Teflon pans etc. Be careful also with other pets living in your home such as cats or dogs and make sure they do not have access to the birds.

Birds are known to make a huge mess when eating and they cause even bigger messes when bathing because they splash water all over the place. To avoid this from turning into a nightmare, place a plastic sheet on your floor and place a washable surface on the bottom of the birdcage. Don't place your birdcage in a room that has carpets because carpets absorb everything and it will get full of dander and allergens that will cause problems. If you are allergy prone you could also consider placing a filter near the cage so that it helps to absorb dust and dander allergens. This will also prevent these allergens from spreading around the house. Be careful though to not place these filters too close to your bird's cage because they can cause the birds skin to become dry and could even cause the bird to become sick.

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