Apartment Cat Finder Pet

We went to an apartment finder with a special request. We asked the apartment finder to get us an apartment that allows pet cats but that didn't have other animals in the building. The reason for this is cats are natural born hunters. Although they are small in size, they are very skilled predators. It's within their nature to want to hunt even when are fed adequately. When hunting, they use the same tactic that tigers and leopards use by pouncing their prey. By instinct, they have a desire to chase and hunt anything that moves in front of them. For some cats, hunting is so entertaining and exciting that they will stop eating the food that is available to go after anything that moves. If your cat jumps after or chases a bird, it's not doing it to be cruel; it's just something it cannot help doing since it was designed to hunt.

If you notice that your cat chases after birds or animals a little more than it should, you might want to consider getting some toys and playing with the cat. There are many different types of toys available in the market, and some even have feathers and look similar to the animals that cats love hunting and chasing. These are something helpful as they allow the cat to let off a lot of energy without hurting real animals. Obviously, playing with your cat this way will not entirely stop the cat from hunting, but it will at least relieve some of the problem. Some cat owners use special collars that rattle in order to alert the birds so that they are able to get away. However, usually cats are quite smart and they manage to get around this, and are still able to hunt their prey without making any noise. So you must be careful and responsible if you own a cat.

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