Apartment Friendly Pet Rental

It is many times difficult to find an apartment in a rental that is pet friendly. I know the problems as I have pet cats of my own. Cats by nature need to scratch at things, and most of them do so when they are outside. Usually this is done on trees or wooden posts, but as some cat owners may have experienced, sometimes they use our furniture, carpets, etc to sharpen their nails. One reason for scratching is because their nails are always growing, and as this happens the exterior part of the nail falls off and they scratch to take it off entirely. However, a cat will also scratch things to send odor messages to other cats.

Cats have glands on their paws that let off odors, and when they scratch something, they impregnate it with their smell. Humans are not able to smell this odor, but other cats that pass by your house can and they will immediately know that a cat has been or lives in that place. If you own a cat that is constantly scratching at your furniture and carpet, it might be because the cat is not getting out enough. It's best not to get the kind of scratching post that is made of carpet type of material as it might confuse your cat, and it might think that scratching at your carpet is something acceptable. If your cat prefers scratching at your wooden floor, you could just give it a piece of wood and leave it on the floor for the cat to scratch at. Make sure though, to pick out a piece of wood that does not break into small pieces easily, since these pieces might get caught into your cats paws.

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