Apartment Furnished Pet Search

We just conducted a search for a furnished apartment that we could live in with our pet cat. The cat we have is new and hasn't yet bonded with us entirely. As is to be expected, it's not easy for a cat to bond with humans immediately. Just try to imagine how cats see us. We probably look like these huge strange giants that move in strange ways and smell strange. If we look at it this way, it is easy to put ourselves in their place and understand why they get so easily frightened.

Cats need to get used to us little by little, they need to learn that we look different from them, talk completely different from them and smell completely different. Besides this they need to learn that each individual person has a different face, smell and voice as well. Although this may seem like a big task, the best solution is to let a cat associate with a lot of people starting at a young age. It's very likely that a cat will never get used to being around humans if it has not been exposed to them frequently when it was a kitten. Just being around other people of different ages, sizes, and appearances begins the socialization process for a cat. Socializing is done by exposing the cat to as many people as possible starting at a young age (when it is a kitten). If a cat has not learned this at a young age, it's very unlikely that it will adapt well to humans. That would be a true loss if a cat grew up not liking or trusting humans. We haven't found a furnished apartment that accepts pets but we are still searching.

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