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The same way that you have to search for a house or apartment for your pet you also have to make sure that your pet is getting the proper food. The nutrients that dogs need are the same as humans: protein, fat and carbohydrates. Amazingly enough they even need them in about the same percentages as a human's daily calorie intake. Similar to humans, dog's nutritional needs and even dietary likes change through out their lives. The dog's health, age, activities, sexual maturity and environment all play a part in the canine's dietary needs. Both felines and canines rely on bones as a major part of their diet for a variety of reasons including teeth cleaning and the numerous nutritional benefits of bones. It is important to note that modern dogs of all breeds are not only capable of eating the food of their wild ancestors, but actually require it for maximum health. This is because their basic physiology has changed very little with domestication despite obvious and dramatic changes in their current physical appearance and mindset. The classification as a carnivore does not necessarily mean that a dog's diet must be restricted to meat alone. Unlike a true obligate carnivore, such as a cat, a dog is able to healthily digest a variety of foods including vegetables and grains, and in fact requires a large proportion of these in its diet. Wild canines typically get such nutrients from the stomach contents of their herbivorous prey, which they consume eagerly. Dogs can survive perfectly well on a reasonably carefully designed vegetarian diet, particularly if eggs and milk products are included but because dogs are natural carnivores they normally require the presence of meat in their diets.

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