Rent Apartment Cat Pet

Since we have a pet cat and rent an apartment we have to use litter boxes. The most common types of litter boxes are open plastic trays. These types of litter boxes are easy to clean, but they are not the most hygienic, since usually the sand inside of them ends up all over the floor or room. If your cat messes up the place a lot while using this type of litter box, it will probably be best to pick one of the closed kind that have walls and tops.

Generally cats prefer thinner and looser sand, since it is nicer to step on, and because it is easy to spread around when the litter box is dirty. This type of sand is also very easy to clean. There are some types of commercial sand that contain deodorant substances and generally cats do not like this type, because they let off a strong smell (remember that cats have a very strong sense of smell). Another downside to deodorized sand is that it can also irritate the bottom of the cat's paws. If you own several cats, it's a good idea to get several litter boxes, especially if they stay in your house most of the time. Well, the same goes for cats. Make sure that the litter box is in a quite tranquil place, far away from where you feed the cat, and from where it sleeps. Remember that your cats litter box must always remain clean. Make sure to always empty out the sand in it and to always use rubber gloves while doing this. And of course, most importantly, make sure to wash your hands after you have finished. If you rent an apartment like us and also have a pet cat you can spray the air with a deodorizer to keep the smells bearable.

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