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I was explaining to an apartment owner that wanted to rent but not to a person with a dog or pet, some amazing facts about dogs. The dog as we know it is thought to have appeared as long as 5 million years ago. Wolves began roaming Eurasia just a little over a million years ago and it is believed that from these we get our modern day wolf and dog. We cannot be sure how it took place but around 10,000 BC we see some of the first evidences of domesticated dogs. As humans became settled and developed permanent village's dogs became integrated in the daily lives of both the hunters and herders. Dogs seem to have been bred from the beginning for two distinct purposes: work and food. Of the more than three hundred breeds of dogs today only two hundred or so are officially recognized and out of the hundred most known only around fifty breeds are considered popular. In Denmark domestic dog teeth dating about 10,000 BC show that even then dogs were being selectively bred for certain traits such as small jaws. In Iraq archaeologists have uncovered figurines of dogs with curled tails and of short stature that are traits probably bred into their pets in order to help distinguish them from wolves.

The Egyptians left us many clues in their art and even burial sites that point to them having a close relationship with canines both as pets and religious symbols. In Ashkelon, Israel a dog cemetery was uncovered containing the tombs of one hundred and twenty dogs. This site dates back to about five hundred BC and is believed to contain the hunting dogs of Persian and Phoenician nobility. The Chinese nobility were fond of their "sleeve dogs" and these were bred into the pug, Pekingese and Lhasa Apso. The smaller breeds of course make for better apartment pets but the larger dog breeds often make it difficult for owners to find a house or apartment to rent.

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