Rent Furnished Apartment Pet

Since we rent a furnished apartment and have a pet cat we have to be very careful about the furniture. Sometimes our cat seems to go crazy for a few minutes during the day. You will be able to see this when the cat's hair seems to stick up and it has a strange expression on its face, and it begins to run all over the place like a mad cat. Sometimes a cat might even stand in a strange and different way with its back arched. Its tail will also curl and its ears will be pointed backwards.

Although these strange "panic attacks" may seem weird to us, the truth is that it is something normal for cats. Sometimes this will happen after a cat has eaten. The best thing to do in these cases is to observe that it does not happen all the time after the cat has eaten, since this could mean that the food that the cat is eating might not be appropriate for it. You could talk to your veterinarian about feeding your cat another brand of food, and this way see if the cat calms down. There are other times when food has nothing to do with it though. Some cats naturally do this in order to let out some accumulated energy. This could be considered their time to "let it out". Remember to keep in mind that cats in nature must hunt to get their food. And these strange "panic attacks" could be related to this, since as domestic cats they do not have to hunt and because of this factor, you will notice that a cat might sometimes use the furniture, as it's hunting target. One good way to resolve this problem could be by letting your cat out everyday so that it can let off some energy. A cat can use this exercise time to run, jump and even hunt. If a cat is locked up in the house for too long, it could have these "panic attacks" more often than cats that get more exercise. To protect our rented furnished apartment from our pet cat we have to be sure and give it plenty of exercise daily.

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