Rent Small Apartment Pet

I have a pet dog and have been looking for a small apartment to rent. My dog is about to have a litter and I am brushing up on my knowledge of puppy litter care. If you have a litter take care that all of the puppies are being fed sufficiently and receiving proper nutritional intake. If you see that the weaker puppy or puppies are not getting sufficient milk you can give them extra feedings every two hours or so. Bottles for feeding newborn puppies can be picked up from your local veterinarian or pet store. Puppies that are seven to twelve weeks old need to eat about four times a day. Once they are four months to six months old feeding them three times a day should be enough. Puppies six months old and up only need food two times a day. Hunting dogs and other working dogs do better with being fed at least two times a day. Snacks should be avoided between scheduled meal times. Giving your dog to many treats throughout the day can lead to problems with begging or obesity. If you do give your dog a treat make sure that he understands that it is a reward because of his good behavior and not something he should demand. Many experts agree that a fasting your dog for a day once in a while is beneficial for his digestive system. In the wild it is not uncommon for a dog to go day without food. If your dog is sick and develops a fever he will naturally eat less. Whether your dog is fasting due to sickness or for his own good you should still make sure that he has some good and healthy broth available to eat.

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