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It is a good thing that we have pet cats cause we are searching for a new apartment. Cats are naturally very clean animals and they like keeping their coats well groomed and perfect. This would explain why they continually lick themselves. Usually cats groom themselves by using their paws and tongues, and this is how they brush their coats to stay clean and brushed. A cats tongue was designed to serve as a brush. Have you ever felt the way a cat's tongue feels on your skin? You have probably noticed that it felt quite rough. A cats tongue is covered in little bumps, and some even have the shape of tiny hooks. These teensy hooks help pull off dead hair and dirt that has stuck onto the cats skin or coat.

Cats have very long tongues, and they are able to reach almost every part of their body with it, although they sometimes have to twist their bodies into strange positions to lick themselves clean. The only place a cat cannot reach in its body with its tongue is behind its ears. So they just lick their paws and then clean themselves with them. Cats naturally like keeping themselves clean and normally this is a good habit. However, there are moments in which cats lick themselves to feel more secure. And it can actually turn into a nasty habit. It could be compared with humans that bite their nails when they are nervous or worried. Sometimes cats will do this after they have tried doing some unsuccessfully. Whether or not cats get frustrated about not being able to do something is unknown. But it has been seen that when they come near their unattainable obstacle, they sometimes (and on occasions more than just sometimes) lick themselves. If you notice that your cat licks itself excessively and is losing hair in a spot, you should take it for a checkup.

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