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Searching for an apartment we had two things we wanted. One was an apartment where we could have a pet and the other was a fireplace. When a dog starts aging it is important to understand the physical changes that he is having and going through. Usually aging dogs begin to lose their sense of smell; therefore it is harder to get them to eat. But it's also good to know that since they don't have so much strenuous activity anymore, the amount of food they eat needs to be reduced in order to keep them with good health. Dogs who are getting older have problems with their organs and some foods become difficult to digest. Less protein is needed as well as smaller amounts of salt.

The thing that older dogs need an increase in is fluids, which is why soups are an excellent thing to give the dog. Maintaining your dogs weight is also needed and it's often times necessary to give him a higher amount of fat since the food he eats isn't absorbed the way it used to. Vitamin supplements are also something that helps senior dogs. There are some dogs that become very picky about their food and it's obvious due to the age they are now going through and it's ok to let them have an occasional treat if they want. There are many diseases that attack dogs but some are worse than others, one of those is kidney disease. If you think that your dog might have this condition, it's extremely important to take him to the veterinarian for a proper diagnosis and treatment. An apartment with a fireplace can also be a nice treat for your aging pet dog.

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