Small Cedar Cat Condo

Cedar wood is generally considered to be a good construction material for several different reasons. For one thing, it is fairly attractive and has a pleasant smell, although this is a human perception rather than one of cats. However, the odor – and the oils seeping out of the wood which produce that distinctive scent – is one of the major benefits of the wood.

Puppy Training Groups

If you’re a social kind of person, who enjoys rubbing shoulders with a group of more or less random strangers a few times a week, and you have new golden retriever puppy in your household, then you might enjoy joining a puppy training group.

Playtime Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers love to play, and whenever you decide is an appropriate moment for your dog’s playtime, you are sure to have an enthusiastic pooch ready to go. Golden retrievers have almost limitless energy and love to work their muscles and test their bodies, so vigorous play is the best type for them. Anything involving leaping, running, catching, or fetching is likely to be popular with a dog of this breed – they are true enthusiasts for all things physical.

Places to Sleep and Rest

The places for your dog to sleep and rest vary according both to your personality and theirs. Some people have no problem with a dog sleeping on the foot of their bed, while others prefer that the dog have their own bed, or even sleep outdoors in a doghouse. Sleeping on the foot of the bed is generally easier with smaller breeds of dog, and since golden retrievers weigh up to 70 pounds, this may be impractical if there are already two people sleeping in the bed.

Picking the Golden Retriever Puppy

When you go to pick out your golden retriever puppy, you will be excited and eager to meet the latest member of your household – and the pups themselves will be thrilled to meet new people and, once they get used to it, to explore and have fun in their new home. In fact, one of the most difficult parts of picking out your puppy will be actually picking one, rather than returning home with four or six cute, enthusiastic puppies!

On Vacations with a Golden Retriever

Taking your golden retriever along on vacation may not always be practical, but in many cases, you can bring your dog along and enjoy their companionship along the way and at the destination, too. A golden retriever’s friendly ways and quiet, non-barking character make them good companions for the road.

Mature Golden Retriever

Just as with all other creatures, golden retrievers age over time, and in fact they tend to age a bit faster than some other breeds (such as pugs, who have remarkable longevity). When your beloved pet begins to show grey hairs around the muzzle and is a bit slower and creakier in the morning than in the vigorous days of youth, then you need to provide him or her with some additional care that will help keep the dog healthier and more comfortable.

How to Train Your Dog to Come

One of the most basic training methods is to train your dog to come – it is an extremely useful command for your dog to know, and increases their safety exponentially. Whether you see them sniffing at a yellow jacket, or a vehicle is bearing down on them, being able to call your dog to you can be crucial in keeping them safe, alive, and out of trouble. The “come” command is also one of the easiest to teach, so it is a good starting point for a training regimen.

How Important are Dose Instructions

When you are preparing to give your golden retriever medicine for some ailment – or a vaccine, since many people give their dogs vaccines at home – it is natural for the question to enter your mind – how important are dose instructions? Should you follow the instructions scrupulously, or are they only general guidelines that you are free to “fudge”?

The Golden Retriever is a Human Oriented Dog

Having been bred from the start to be a retriever for a hunter – originally retrieving game birds on the heathery, rocky moors and wet gullies of Scotland – the golden retriever is a human-oriented dog which gets along extremely well with the family that it belongs to. It shares this trait with such dogs as bulldogs and pugs, who often prefer human to canine company, and many of the smaller breeds. Other dogs are dissimilar, however, being more standoffish – such as the sheepdogs and some of the other working breeds.