Golden Retriever’s Health

Golden retrievers are vigorous, robust animals in their youth, full of energy and the desire for plenty of exercise, work, and play. With proper diet, and the usual vaccines, you can ensure that your pet will likely have a good, comfortable, healthy life, leaving out the odd fluke of genetics or the occasional injury or accident. There are several special considerations about the health of a golden retriever, however.

History of the Golden Retriever

The golden retriever has the unusual distinction of having a history that is actually more colorful in legend than in fact. The breed is not very old, having originated in the period from 1835 through the years of the American Civil War, and thus does not have the rich past of some dog breeds.

Golden Retriever Vaccine Schedule

When you are getting your golden retriever vaccinated, it is a good idea to follow a good vaccination schedule. Vaccines are essential to keeping your dog healthy. Some people have been known to skip rabies vaccines because they think their dog is too sweet to catch such a violent disease. Although dogs often are sweet-tempered and unconditionally affectionate beings, this is unfortunately no protection against the impersonal processes of disease infection.

Golden Retriever Training Gear

Golden retrievers are among the most trainable dogs on Earth – not only do they learn quickly and easily, but they are actually eager to learn. With their energetic, rather workaholic natures, training gives them an outlet for energy which, if bottled up, would make them tense and neurotic rather than their usual happy-go-lucky selves, and is something that they enjoy.

Golden Retriever Stage Training

Golden retrievers fling themselves into the process of training with the avidity of a human sports enthusiast, combining the eagerness of a runner, hunter, and sports player with a relaxed, happy attitude that fitness-obsessed humans rarely manage to achieve. The golden retriever is dog bred to be trainable, and the purpose of Sir Dudley Marjoribanks is realized to the full extent possible. Golden retrievers not only take readily to training, they relish it as a refreshing outlet for their energy, and practically need it in order to have something constructive to do.

Golden Retriever Rescue

Formerly, there was no recourse for abandoned, abused, or unwanted dogs except perhaps a quick execution at the local pound or veterinarian. Fortunately, this is no longer the case. Hundreds of Rescue organizations have sprung up, serving most of the locations in the United States, and providing a safe refuge and placement with a caring family for nearly every breed of dog. There are Golden Retriever Rescue organizations as well, serving many locations throughout America. If you are interested in this breed, then Rescue is one option for getting a dog.

Golden Retriever Puppy First Night

The first night that your golden retriever puppy spends with you is going to be both exciting and stressful for both of you. The puppy has just been removed from the familiar presence of their mother and siblings, and put into a strange environment with one or several huge creatures of whose intentions the puppy is not yet sure. The puppy will be excited if you greet him in a friendly way, but he will also still be scared and lonely, and your actions on the first night can determine how smoothly he settles into his new home.

Golden Retriever Medication

Dogs are subject to various ailments throughout their lives, just as people are, and often, these will require medications. Generally speaking, you should follow the same pattern for giving a golden retriever medicine as you would a human – pay close attention to the instructions and the vet’s recommendations, give the proper dosage with the correct amount of time between pills, and keep track of how long the medication should continue to be given.

Golden Retriever Kennels

If you decide that you want your golden retriever to live outdoors rather than in the house with you (and, like most dogs, golden retrievers will take readily to indoor life), then you will need to provide the pooch with some kind of shelter to keep the rain and snow off them, and ensure that they are plagued by insects as little as possible, too.

Golden Retriever Hunting Tasks

The golden retriever first saw “action”, as one might say, on a bracken-covered hillside in Scotland, with a British gentleman blazing away at a startled covey of pheasants as they rose into the sunlit air of late afternoon with a sudden, blustering rattle of wings. Similarly, the beasts plunged eagerly into marshy pools after a waterfowl that Sir Dudley Marjoribanks, the breed’s originator, had brought down at range with the increasing powerful hunting firearms of his day.