Golden Retriever History

The history of the golden retriever breed is interesting in part because even now, a bizarre legend about the origin of the breed is often repeated with all seriousness by writers and scholars, even though it has been thoroughly disproven. This legend states that the golden retriever is a mix of English hunting dogs and a mysterious group of unidentified, golden-haired dogs who were part of a Russian traveling circus visiting the Sceptered Isle.

Golden Retriever First Aid Kit

Active dogs like a golden retriever are naturally at some risk of injury. Even lapdogs occasionally take startling risks, and an energetic pooch like the retriever is often in many situations where something might happen to produce a sprain or wound. Hunting is one example of a spot where things can easily happen.

Golden Retriever Facts About It

The golden retriever – that good-natured, energetic, mild-mannered breed that fills every role from family pet to explosives-detecting dog – is one of the most popular dogs in America today. There are many interesting facts about these widespread members of the canine clan, including the following –

Golden Retriever Eyes

The eyes of a golden retriever are pleasant, mirroring the character within – warm, kindly, and with an energetic sparkle to them that is refreshing to see. However, there are some types of care that the eyes of a golden retriever needs, and a few problems that you should be aware of, either so that you can head them off or so that you will be prepared for them if they happen to arise.

Golden Retriever Dog Shows

Dog shows are an exciting way to show off your favorite pooch and to have an opportunity to see a wide variety of other dogs, make contacts with other people in the dog world, and perhaps win a prize as well. There are sections for appearance, agility, obedience, and so on at most dog shows – including those that are locally organized, since these do their best to imitate the larger dog shows such as those put on by associations and kennel clubs – and there is probably some category where your dog is apt to fit in.

Golden Retriever Diseases

All dogs are subject to a certain set of ailments – these are usually viruses, which are particularly adapted to dogs. Human viruses generally cannot infect dogs, and dog viruses usually have no effect on humans. They cannot catch herpes from us, for example, even should an owner give a dog a kiss on the nose with an open cold sore on their lip. We, on the other hand, cannot catch canine distemper or parvovirus from them, even if we were to bathe in it.

Golden Retriever Digestive Problems

Along with the skin, the digestive system of a dog is often the spot where the most minor (and occasionally, major) problems show up. Although there is always a risk of a food allergy – which can be cured only by switching to a completely different food – there are plenty of steps that you can take to help ensure that your golden retriever remains as healthy as possible in a digestive sense, and several problems that you can head off before they occur.

Golden Retriever Character and Personality

One of the interesting facts about dogs is that the personality of the different breeds differs, as well as that of individuals. Chihuahuas, for example, tend to be peppery yet afraid of larger animals (and sometimes smaller ones, such as crickets), opinionated, and often focused on a single person. French bulldogs are intelligent, curious, mischievous, excellent with children, playful and close to fearless. Anatolian shepherds are hostile to nearly anyone except their owner and definitely have a serious outlook on life.

Golden Retriever Castration

When you get a male golden retriever, the thought naturally occurs to your mind as to whether you should have him left intact, or whether you should have him “fixed”. If you have any desire to breed the animal in the future and get a litter of puppies, then obviously you should refrain from having him fixed now – after all, you can always have him fixed later if you change your mind, but you cannot undo the deed once it has been done.

Golden Retriever Breeder

When you make the decision to buy a golden retriever puppy, you want to make sure that you get the dog from a reputable breeder. If you do not, and simply get a puppy from a “puppy mill,” then you may still get a good dog – or you may get one with serious physical or, in some rare cases, mental problems. Although it’s impossible to read what is in the human heart, there are some things you can look out for in a breeder that will tell you this is a good choice to get a puppy from.