Golden Retriever Breed Information

The Golden Retriever is a Scottish dog, although its official country of origin is England. They were bred as sporting dogs, for retrieving game – typically birds – shot in wet country. The breed maintains its interest in, and aptitude for, hunting, but has become an extremely popular family pet as well. The dog’s use as a pet has far overshadowed its other roles, though golden retrievers are still used for hunting, police work, and so on.

Golden Retriever Balanced Diet

The metabolism of any living creature is a finely-tuned blend of chemicals, enzymes, and compounds, and for this reason, a well-balanced diet is needed to keep that metabolism in tune. Failing to do so can lead to anything from a slight feeling of tiredness or of being unwell, all the way up to diseases caused by malnutrition.

Foreseeing Problems with a Golden Retriever

Although it is possible to worry too much about the future – and the philosophy of dogs is that if there is a good friend, a full bowl of kibble, and a warm chair to sleep in, then there is no reason to look beyond that – it does pay to look into the future a bit when you have a golden retriever, foresee problems that might arise, and take steps to prevent them now.

Feeding and Caring For a Golden Retriever

One of the most important questions in keeping your dog strong and healthy is how to feed them. Dogs enjoy eating in any case, and providing them with the right chow to keep them going is essential to their happiness as well as their general wellbeing. As robust dogs, golden retrievers need a good amount of food, and you want to ensure that your pet gets a well-balanced diet that will match the energy needs of their outgoing personality.

Exercise with a Dog

Golden retrievers are famous for their eagerness to put their physical body to the test with all kinds of activities, whether it is work such as helping a hunter, pseudo-work like dog agility, or simply plenty of enthusiastic romping and play.

Indeed, it is a known fact that gold retrievers will overwork if given the opportunity, and that their human handlers need to keep a close eye on them and stop them when it seems like a reasonable amount of work has been done – a retriever will keep cheerfully working until they literally collapse, and perhaps die, from exhaustion.

Golden Retriever Entertainment

Dogs know the value of a good play session for getting the positive juices flowing, getting rid of tension, and generally having a good time, and golden retrievers are definitely no exception to this playfulness. With their friendly, happy, outgoing personalities and their seemingly endless supply of energy, golden retrievers are natural enthusiasts for all kinds of play and entertainment, and are always ready for a bout with a Frisbee or just running and dodging.

Enhance your Golden Retrievers

A golden retriever’s coat practically calls out for some kind of attention. Long, rippling hair, with a naturally soft gleam to it; colors ranging from straw to a deep honey color that is so rich and vibrant that it almost seems to be one of Nature’s candy colors; and a generally well-proportioned build all combine to make a golden retriever look good even in a relatively untended state. However, with a bit of care and attention, you can enhance your golden retrievers and make them truly show-winning quality.

Educating Him to be Clean

As happy as getting a new puppy in the house usually makes everybody, with the excitement, novelty, and the bright-eyed, loving enthusiasm of the pup themselves to win everyone over, there is one part of a new puppy that everyone dreads a bit – the idea of a mess in the house before the puppy is housebroken.

Dog’s Sense of Smell

Everyone knows what avid sniffers dogs are. They like nothing better than to run their noses thoughtfully over the hands or face of someone dear to them, to pursue a scent over the lawn with tails wagging and movements brisk with eagerness, or stand and give long, thorough whiffs to Although the eyesight of many dogs is quite good, especially at shorter ranges – good enough to easily distinguish individual human faces, and to examine insects crawling near them -- there is no doubt that the nose is a central part of a dog’s perception of the world.

Dog Collar

There are plenty of occasions when your dog can do without a collar – generally speaking, when relaxing inside the house, a collar can be removed, freeing the dog of a mildly constricting, itchy band around their neck, much as a person might shed stiff formal clothes when arriving home after a day at the office.

However, when your golden retriever is outside the house, they should always have a collar or a harness on, for two reasons.