Dog Accessories

Dogs are quite laid-back creatures – golden retrievers especially – and are usually content with a warm chair, something good to chew on, and plenty of affection from their owners. However, there are also plenty of dog accessories which, while not absolutely essential, can help you keep your pet healthier, looking better, or make the place more comfortable for you as well as for your animal.

Do You Have Any Other Pets?

Some households do not have just a single kind of pet present, but invite a whole range of living creatures into their abode. These colorful selections of animals may make food bills a bit complex at times, and seem to occupy every available space, but there is no doubt that they also make a pleasantly lively scene in the house.

Children and Golden Retrievers

One of the avowed aims of the original creator of the golden retriever breed, a Scottish knight and sportsman by the name of Sir Dudley Marjoribanks, was to produce not only an energetic and easily-trained game retrieval dog, but also one with a gentle and even temperament. Sir Dudley’s efforts were crowned with such success that even today, a century and a half after his dog breed creation program, golden retrievers are known for their mild and good-natured spirit. This, in turn, makes them good family dogs.

Caring For His Skin and Fur

Although the skin of dogs is physically tougher – that is, more resistant to cuts and scrapes – than human skin, in many ways it is also more sensitive than the skin of a human being. As just one example, dog skin is very sensitive to heat – it is for this reason that most veterinarians recommend that heating pads never be allowed to touch dogs, since a level of intensity that produces a pleasant heat to a person is enough to possibly cause burns on a dog.

Bones and Other Things to Chew

Having a good gnaw on a pleasant tasting object is one of a dog’s favorite forms of casual entertainment, and golden retrievers do not differ from other pooches in this regard. Chewing on something seems to be the dog equivalent of reading a novel, playing a video game, or pottering with houseplants among humans. It gives a dog something to do when they aren’t competing in agility trials, eating, sleeping, or exploring, and helps to relax the animal as well.

Basic Equipment for Your Puppy

Welcoming a new puppy to your home is both an exciting and a rather hectic experience for all involved. There’s no doubt that a pup livens things up, especially if there have been no dogs in your house for some time before that. One of the things that you want to make sure of – before those eager eyes, questing nose, and small, wagging tail first put in their appearance – is that you have all the basic equipment for your puppy on hand.

Accident Prevention for Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers are highly active dogs, with a need for exercise and accomplishment in their daily, or at least weekly, schedule. Running, catching, retrieving, jumping, agility, hunting – all of these activities, and dozens more like them, are the delight of the retriever soul, and those who own these dogs should make some provision to give the animal an outlet for his or her energies and need for stimulation.

A Golden Retriever

True to their name, golden retrievers are retrieving dogs first and foremost, but they are also excellent companions and their trainability makes them ideal for a wide range of different lifestyles. Whether you’re an avid jogger, want to get involved in the dog agility scene, just have a yard and like to romp around a bit with your pooch to work out their energy with flyball, or enjoy hunting waterfowl in the autumn, then a retriever will fit right in.

Sport Exercise

There are plenty of lapdogs who need no more exercise than a quick jaunt around the block on the leash, a couple of new people to meet, and a return to home, a treat, and the comfort of the couch.

Atlanta Dog Groomer

Our Atlanta Dog Groomer told us that one of the ways veterinarians determine what is causing itchiness in a dog is by doing a