Dog Abdomen & Stomach

Lots of diseases which must alert us and make us turn to the vet are localized in the stomach and abdomen region. Stomach disorders, gastric dyspepsia, intestinal diseases, colics, etc., manifest in this region; also, diseases or alterations of the liver, pancreas, kidneys, bladder, peritonitis, tumors, ascites, hydropsy, hernias, etc.. One of the most evident incomes of pain is that the abdominal wall muscles of the animals remain tense and hard. The dogs might stretch out on cold places or adopt a characteristic position, like being crouched in an arched position. Isolated vomiting is a natural resource to quickly liberate the organism from aggressive matter, although it is always convenient to observe nature. But in cases of repeated and continuous vomiting, especially if there are streaks of blood, the animal should be immediately put under the observation of a vet. The shrinking of the abdomen can be the indication of a serious state of hunger due to pulmonary problems, parasite infestations, tumor formations, etc.

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