Dog Bite Treatment

What to do when your Dog is Bitten: Immediately wash the wound with cold rushing water. Leave it under the water for a while so that it can eliminate as much of the biting dog's saliva as possible. After that, wash the wound for about five minutes with a lot of soap and water. Rinse it out carefully and cover it with a sterile cloth or bandage. Tried to track down the guilty dog and consult the vet who will decide what prevention measures should be taken if the animal has rabies. The most probable thing that will have been is that the vets will suggest an anti-rabies treatment, especially if the guilty dog has a severe (it could also be a cat, rat, monkey, etc.) when ever you suspect an animal could have rabies, do not approach him and do not let his saliva enter and conduct with any injury, as small as it may be. Consult your vet or go to the anti-rabies Center.

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