Dog Heart Failure

As with man, the dog can get sick to the heart pretty frequently. When he gets sick, not only is the heart affected, but also the blood vessels, the kidneys and other vital organs. The first symptoms can pass unnoticed until there is a crisis. Some of the symptoms that the heart depends on as compensation for cardiac disorders are tachycardia (abnormally rapid heartbeat - over 100 beats per minute), dilatation of the cardiac cavities and loss of the sinuous arrhythmia (an abnormal rate of muscle contractions in the heart); also congestion of the pulmonary system if the left heart is affected, or congestion of the circulatory system, liver and spleen, generally included with ascittis in case of a failure of the right heart.

Symptoms that should alert the owner are, irregularity in the heart beats, certain difficulty to breathe without obvious problems of the lungs; the lower parts (members, abdomen) tend to swell and fatigue when he is required to make an effort. In extreme cases, you'll notice lividness of the tongue, congestion of the eye and gum mucous membranes. There can also be fading, lack of willpower, digestive perturbations with or without vomits. Animals that seem to be calm, resting, but at the smallest efforts present that fatigue, disnea or costs, should be controlled by the vet. In case of a congestive cardiac arrest, the animal, still resting, present dyspnea and coughs. These symptoms accentuate with the slightest movement. If the sick animal has difficulties breathing, lay him down and recline him enough so that he can breathe. Don't forget to remove the collar and leash. Don't let him get up or walk around. Keep him warm at all times, but don't heat him up too much. Calm him if he seems to be altered or scared as there may be noticeable anxiety, strength loss, respiratory problems and unconsciousness. If there is suspended breath and a lack of pulse, apply the necessary measures. Call the vet as soon as possible. The animal must be kept under veterinary treatment.

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