Dog Nerve

All You Need to Know About Dog Nerve: Severe trauma to the nerve or nerve branch can seriously damage it and cause the paralysis of the zone it innervates. In case of a severe bruise, where the nerve is pressed against the bone, there can be inflammation or paralysis. You have also got infectious agents, presumably the most common cause of central nervous system disorders, being the majority of cases of viral origin. The inflammatory processes of the nervous system frequently affect the brain with consequences of different degrees of severity. Long-lasting brain afflictions can be the result of an unexpected implantation of clinical signals when the nervous prominence is produced. Also, tumoral masses in growth provoke focal signals and a general dysfunction results from the increase of the intracranial pressure.

Another of the causes is the prolapse of the intervertebral disc, with the consequent implication of the subjacent spinal cord and nervous roots. The seriousness of the nervous signals is consequence of the location of the lesion in every case. Any manifestation of motor, acoustic or ocular, dysfunction; facial paralysis, head tilted to the side, lack of attention, etc., deserves the timely attention of the veterinarian.

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